Sunday, 6 January 2019

Using up bananas and making applesauce

In November I posted about getting a new regular veg box delivery every fortnight, which also includes some fruit. So far it’s been a great success, with some really tasty and interesting fresh, local and organic produce arriving at my doorstep every two weeks. However, whilst we’re generally getting through the contents of the box most fortnights, every now and again we end up with some fruit coming to the end of its shelf life - particularly bananas and occasionally apples.

Two ripe bananas lying on a kitchen worktop.

Trying to think up a way to use up a recent bunch of very ripe bananas, I had a look through some of the vegan recipe books I have on the shelf and came up with one that looked good in The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskovitz - until I spotted that it required applesauce, something not readily available on UK supermarket shelves and which I’d never made from scratch before. After initially thinking I’d need to try and find another recipe, I then realised that as I had some old apples kicking about the kitchen too, this might actually be the perfect recipe!

A quick search on the internet led me to an applesauce recipe on the Cookie and Kate website. It was very easy and quick to make and definitely a recipe I’ll be saving to use again in the future.

Once I had my applesauce made, it was time to have a go at the Ginger Chocolate Banana Loaves from the recipe book - a recipe I mostly followed exactly with the exception of the fact that I don’t own a mini loaf pan so I made them muffin-shaped instead. I also used a mix of chocolate chips and chocolate strands as that’s what I had in the kitchen, which actually seemed to work really nicely as it meant there was a mix of larger chocolate chunks as well as plenty of tasty chocolatey goodness throughout.

A chocolate chip muffin on a plate, cut in half in the centre to show the distribution oh chocolate chips inside.

All in all, using up my leftover apples and bananas in this way was a huge success - some very tasty muffins which went down well at work with both vegans and non-vegans alike. Highly recommended!

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