Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Making recipes from the Bosh! cookbook

I recently bought the Bosh! cookbook having seen some of their videos online, and decided to try out a few things from it. I was very impressed with the recipes it contained and I'm sure I'll be bringing it out again before too long.

First off I made the Ultimate Chilli, which we ate as part of the Big Bad Nachos. It wasn't the most photogenic dish I've ever made, but it was absolutely delicious!

Next up was the Pasta Caponata, a rich and hearty Italian dish that was delicious both served as per the recipe as well as later on as a pasta bake with cheese made from the leftovers.

After having tried the other two recipes and being very impressed, I gave the Mushroom & Guinness Pie a go, although instead of Guinness I used a stout from a more local brewery, Williams Bros March of the Penguins stout. Although it's not marked as vegan on the bottle, a quick check on Barnivore confirmed that it was suitable for vegans.

Finally, I also gave the Creamy Seaside Pie a go, but unfortunately an gravity-related accident removing it from the oven rendered it unsuitable for photographing. I found it utterly delicious, although Paul wasn't as keen given that he's not such a fan of capers and they were quite a strong flavour in it. I'll certainly be making that again (although caper-free if Paul is joining me).

All in all, I've been very impressed with the recipes in the book. I'm sure I'll be trying more recipes from it as time goes on, and I'll certainly be recommending it to friends.

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  1. That mushroom and Guinness pie looks so good! I love all pie, I think. Sorry your seaside pie had an accident. I'm intrigued, as I love capers.