Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Speaking My Language Brazilian Cultural Event at the University of St. Andrews, 13 February 2013

Despite being based in Edinburgh, I came through for the cultural event in St Andrews on 13 February 2013 because I was keen to watch the film chosen for the event, Lula, o Filho do Brasil [Lula, the Son of Brazil]. I am currently a postgraduate researcher looking at social movements, so learning more about the life of Brazil’s most famous former president and trade unionist strongly interested me.

The film was a fascinating exploration of the early life of Lula (full name Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva) before he became president, and from it I picked up some useful snippets of Portuguese to do with striking and trade unionism. For example, from banners featured in the film I picked up phrases such as ‘greve já! [strike now!] and ‘o sindicato é você’ [the union is you], and from conversations portrayed on screen I picked up slogans such as, ‘Se não soltar o Lula, ninguém vai trabalhar!’ [If you don’t release Lula, nobody will work].