Training and Teaching

Campaigning Groups:
2015-Present: Co-trainer for the Greenpeace UK climb team.
2011-Present: Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) trainer for Greenpeace UK.

University Level:
January-April 2013: Tutor for the course 'Social History 1.2: British Society in the Twentieth Century' at the University of Edinburgh, tutoring three groups of approximately 15 students each on a variety of themes in modern history.
September-November 2012:  Facilitator for the Facilitated Group Discussion sessions of the interdisciplinary course 'Our Changing World' at the University of Edinburgh, covering topics on present-day global challenges including climate change, contagious diseases, quality of life, religion and drug use.


  1. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog - things have been a bit slow there lately (and fast everywhere else) so sorry I didn't see it earlier. It's cool that there's another vegan at Edinburgh (admittedly I only work there one day a week so don't necessarily have much claim on the 'at') who is interested in aerial (I just started doing hoop). Are you in the VEG group on facebook?

  2. Hi Lisey, great to hear from you! Who are you doing aerial with? I don't have a Facebook account so I'm not in that group.