Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Festive celebrations (basically loads of vegan food photos!)

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I haven't posted much here over the last couple of months, mainly because I've been really busy with lots of brilliant rigging work which has been pretty time- and energy-intensive. You can read more about it over on my work blog if that's the kind of thing you might be interested in.

Photo from Three's a Crowd rehearsals in December 2014 at the Lochgelly Centre

Earlier this month I went for a fantastic festive meal with the great people from Edinburgh Vegan Meetup at Henderson's Restaurant. The food was a hit all round, and I especially enjoyed my choices of sweet potato fritters to start followed by a haggis money bag in creamy sauce and a fruit strudel to finish. It's been a really brilliant year with the meetup group and I'm looking forward to more events in 2015!


As is usual for me, I spent Christmas Day at home with the cats and enjoyed eating a small homemade roast lunch, this year comprising baked tofu from Veganomicon, peas, marmite roasted potatoes, parsnips and carrots, and gravy. I also made up some gingerbread and chocolate peanut butter pillows for dessert, both from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar recipe book. My brilliant friend Anna and her mum also came round for a little bit in the evening and gave me a fantastic present of a wooden chopping board from Garvald Edinburgh, which I used for my evening vegan cheese board, which included Jeezo vegan cheese from Vx in London as well as some creamy Sheese and oatcakes from local social enterprise The Engine Shed (the ones who make that amazing tofu).

On Boxing Day I went over to see my sister in Glasgow, who had made the most incredible vegan haggis and vegetable pie (with cats on the lid!) for us all to share. It was very tasty! She also made some great gingerbread shapes which I totally forgot to take any photos of, and a brilliant vegan pizza with Mozzarisella for lunch the next day which unfortunately came out all blurry in the picture. Essentially one of the best things about having family members who live in the south of England is that they can import some of the amazing new vegan cheeses up to Scotland when they come to visit.

The final traditional part of Christmas/New Year celebrations in my home is the arrival of two new catnip mice for Sophie and Roxy to play with from my mother, although this year we had a bit of a change on that front as this time they have received catnip fish! They didn't seem to mind the difference in any case.

I hope you've had a great festive season wherever you are, and have a wonderful Hogmanay!

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