Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Local vegan and animal rights groups and organisations in Scotland

Vegan MoFo 2014 is finally here, and my theme for this year is Vegan Scotland: veganising Scottish recipes and suggestions for eating out and socialising in Scotland.

First of all, I wanted to mention that today, 2 September, is the birthday of Donald Watson, one of the early pioneers of the vegan movement and founders of the Vegan Society in 1944. He was born in 1910 and lived a very interesting life, including registering as a conscientious objector in World War II and being part of the group which coined the term 'vegan' in the 1940s. If you want to learn more about him (and you should!), you can find out more on the Vegan Society website, his BBC obituary or on Wikipedia.

In line with Donald Watson's life ambition of starting a movement which aimed to end the exploitation of non-human animals, this post is a list of some suggestions for local groups and organisations based in Scotland which promote animal rights and/or veganism that you might like to get involved with, whether you're interested in learning more about the issues, getting involved with campaigning or just socialising with like-minded people.

Borders Hunt Saboteurs 

Central Scotland
Central Scotland Hunt Saboteurs
Vegan Edinburgh Glasgow (VEG)

Edinburgh University VegSoc
Edinburgh Vegan Meetup
Ethical Voice for Animals
EdVeg: Edinburgh Vegetarians and Vegans
Student Voice for Animal Rights

Falkirk Vegan/Vegetarian/Vegan Curious

Glasgow University Vegan Society
Glasgow Vegetarian/Vegan Society

Highland Veggies

Do you know of any active local animal rights or vegan groups in Scotland that I've missed out? If so, let me know in the comments below and I'll add them to the list.

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  1. I just read through the Highland one and damn... I never even thought of the vegan aspect when I considered moving there (or the middle of nowhere in Norway). I guess I would just resort to cooking even better at home. But it would be quite a change from the tasty vegan pizzas & burritos I can get here.