Thursday, 29 May 2014

Some vegan eats in London

Having grown up in the city, I visit London pretty regularly, although these days it's mostly for activism-related things which keep me pretty busy! When I get the time though, I do have a few favourite spots for vegan meals and snacks that I like to visit. I've passed through London quite a few times in the last couple of months, and so I thought I'd share some photos of some of the places I've been to for tasty vegan food.

Firstly, the Black Cat Cafe in Hackney is a totally vegan, not-for-profit café and shop which does the most incredible vegan breakfasts on the weekends. I went on a Saturday in April and had their delicious fry-up with a black coffee. Highly recommended!

At the end of April, I also went to 222 Veggie Vegan, a vegan restaurant in West Kensington which has a very healthy theme to its menu without compromising on the taste! I had the bean and tofu pancake for a starter and the oyster mushroom and spinach raclette for the main.

Finally, for me a visit to London never feels complete without a trip to Vx (Vegan Cross), a vegan boutique and shop conveniently located a short walk from King's Cross railway station. It's a shop with a great, friendly atmosphere where you can find all sorts of amazing and difficult to find (in Scotland at least) vegan items and food. It's my favourite place to stock up on vegan cheese and snacks/treats, including delicious vegan doughnuts and baked goods!

What are your favourite places to find vegan food in London?

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  1. I love 222 as well but I haven't been for ages as I never seem to be at the right end of London. I always try to make a stop at Cookies & Scream in Camden and I have plans to finally check out Black Cat next week!