Friday, 27 December 2013

Celebrating Yuletide

So, once again both Christmas and Boxing Day have finally passed, with everything that goes with the season! I had a very quiet celebration this year, just staying at home on 25 December and visiting a few family members in Glasgow on the 26th. Although there were no grand parties or enormous family gatherings for me this year, it was a really nice couple of days and I wanted to just share a few thoughts and photos about the festive season this year.

First of all, it was with huge relief that I learned that the Arctic 30 have been given amnesty by the Russian parliament (even though it's an amnesty for a crime they didn't commit!) and that the activists and two freelance journalists are now finally heading home today. Clearly, the fact that they were detained and imprisoned at all is an outrage, and we still need to do a lot of work to get their ship, the Arctic Sunrise, back, but it's still great news that they will be able to get home before the new year.

However, on to Christmas! Although I am a happily confirmed atheist, I think there is something really nice about decorating the house and having a celebration of love and peace at the darkest time of the year, so even if it's just me at home, I still get the box of decorations out - and the cats "help", of course!

Roxy "assists" with decorating the wreath.

Christmas Day itself was, as I've mentioned already, a very quiet affair with just me and the cats at home. I made a basic roast dinner for myself, which was really a plate of my favourite roasted and boiled vegetables! It did include a new variation for me though, which was roasted brussel sprouts! I'm not normally a fan of these small green vegetables, but I loved these, which I made using the Post Punk Kitchen recipe.

On Boxing Day I went over to Glasgow to see my parents and sister for a lovely vegan lunch, which was very nice. I didn't take a photo of the dinner, but it included a Field Roast which came from Vx in King's Cross, and was really tasty! Highly recommended. Plus, to finish it off, my sister had made a beautiful (and delicious) vegan gingerbread house using the Vegan Dad recipe.

My very talented sister also made some beautiful mini throws for me and my parents, which were crocheted using vegan yarn and featured personalised faces of our cats! It's definitely one of my favourite presents of 2013.

Sophie approves.

Whilst I loved the mini throws, Sophie and Roxy were far more enamoured (of course) of the personalised catnip mice which my mother made for them from recycled bits of old jeans and bag handles. On reflection, it might have been a mistake to give them their mice just before bedtime last night, but they were certainly very happy and have been playing with them very noisily ever since!

Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, I hope you've been having a lovely festive season this year, and wish you the best of luck and happiness for 2014.


  1. I love the mini throws and the catnip mice - what gorgeous and clever presents! I agree with you about the Veganomicon brussels sprouts - I love them steamed or fried, but the roasted ones are exceptional. Great news about the Arctic 30 too - a much better way to start 2014.

    1. Thanks Linda! I only wish that I was half as inventive and crafty as they are. Veganomicon is such a great cookbook, and I definitely think my of my resolutions for 2014 will be to use it more!

  2. I found the talk you gave on your trip to brazil very interesting and inspiring..your passion and commitment is very care and it shows..cheers..keith mccartney

    1. Thanks Keith :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you again at another Edinburgh Greenpeace meeting in 2014.