Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A taste of Vegusto!

During VeganMoFo this year, I was offered a free sample of a bunch of Vegusto vegan products to review, and so I jumped at the chance! Here's what they sent me in the post:

In case you can't see it so well, the sample includes their No-Moo Melty Cheese, Mild Aromatic Cheese, Piquant Cheese, the Mushroom Burger and Farmhouse Sausage.

No-Moo Melty Cheese

I made a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with this after seeing pictures of the one posted by the Crabby Crafter on her blog. It was delicious! I'm not convinced that this cheese would fool many non-vegans into thinking they were eating dairy cheese myself as I think the consistency is quite different to how I remember it, but nevertheless, it melted really well and tasted so nice!

Mushroom Burger

This was really tasty, incredibly mushroomy in flavour and chewy in texture. I don't eat vegan meats very often, but I could see myself making an exception for these burgers! I served it with some mange touts and a side of mashed spice sweet potato from the recipe in the Veganomicon recipe book.

No-Muh Piquant Cheese

I'm afraid I wasn't feeling too creative when I decided to try out the piquant cheese, so I simply chose to slice it and put it on toast (I also clearly wasn't feeling very artistic when taking the photo below either). It has a nice enough texture and flavour, although I felt that the flavour wasn't really strong enough for me (you can blame that on my father and his penchant for very strong French cheese if you like!) and again, like the melty cheese, I don't think that the texture would fool many non-vegans into believing this was cheese made from animals' milk. However, as a gently flavoured topping for toast, it was nice enough, and for people who do like milder cheeses, I think it would probably go down very well.

Farmhouse Sausage

I'm afraid that, unfortunately, I really, really did not like the farmhouse sausage. It might be because I haven't eaten meat since around 1996, but I just found the texture and flavour of this sausage very strange. As suggested on the Vegusto website, I put it into a toad in the hole using the recipe from the Another Dinner is Possible recipe book, and it wasn't completely unpleasant, but I think I prefer vegan sausages which are more vegetable-like in flavour (such as those made by Veggies catering campaign) and which are a bit crumblier rather than this one, which had a very smooth texture.

No-Muh Aromatic Cheese

The aromatic cheese was the last one of the Vegusto sample products which I tried, and it was very similar to the piquant cheese in texture and flavour profile, but with a slightly stronger flavour to it which I enjoyed. I definitely preferred this to the piquant cheese, and would happily munch it in a sandwich or sliced on toast any day.

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