Friday, 18 October 2013

Trying out the Vegg

Last week, I received a free sample of a new vegan product, the Vegg, in the post. It's an egg yolk replacer which comes in powder form, and so far I'm really impressed! The company also included a free copy of their Vegg Cookbook, which is a beautifully put together book of a wide range of recipes (many of them written by different bloggers, so there's a real variety of styles and uses) using the Vegg, including really beautiful pictures.

Unlike many vegans, the last thing which I gave up from my pre-vegan diet was not dairy cheese, but chickens' eggs. Growing up in the south of England, my parents kept chickens in their back garden (long before it became fashionable!), and so did my grandparents. One thing which was always in abundance in our house when I was growing up was fresh chicken's eggs, and they were delicious and very flavourful. Whilst I know now that there are huge problems with keeping hens in your back garden, and that male chicks born as a result of breeding chickens to lay eggs are killed at just a day old, as a child I honestly believed that these hens were our much-loved pets who happened to lay tasty eggs which I enjoyed eating, and the meals we made from those eggs remain linked in my mind to many happy memories. Needless to say, I don't eat chickens' eggs any more, regardless of where they come from, but I still miss the taste of them from time to time.

So (hopefully) here is where the Vegg steps in to save the day! One thing that I should say first of all is that the Vegg is not intended to be an egg replacer for baking with, but rather to give an eggy flavour to your cooking. With this in mind, on a first flick through of the cookbook, four recipes really stood out for me that I wanted to try: Tangerine French Toast, Vegg Omelet, Sunflower Seed Chocolate Cookies, and Lemon Curd.

Tangerine French Toast

These tasted so similar to how I remember non-vegan French toast! Whilst I was preparing the Vegg mixture for dipping the bread into, I was blown away by the incredibly eggy smell which came from the mixture as soon as the Vegg powder was added to the liquid. I didn't have any tangerines at home, so I used clementines instead, which worked really well. The tanginess of the clementines contrasted really nicely with the eggy flavour of the French toast, and I'll definitely be making these again.

Vegg Omelet

 I am sad to say that, in my opinion at least, this was less of a success than the French toast. This recipe calls for a lot of firm tofu to be mixed with the Vegg powder and plant milk, and for me it just didn't have the consistency that I was looking for. It was kind of more like scrambled tofu with mushrooms, peppers and chilli mixed in, which was nice enough but not really as omeletty as I'd been hoping.


Sunflower Seed Chocolate Cookies

The Vegg recipe book bounced back with the next thing I tried: sunflower seed chocolate cookies. I really liked these! I didn't have enough chocolate and sunflower seeds for the recipe, so I added some raisins as well. Very tasty, and one I'll probably make again.

Lemon Curd

I love lemon curd so much, and this is the best vegan version I've had so far. It's really gloopy and lemony! I'm looking forward to making some jam tarts with this at some point. The only downside is that the recipe only makes quite a small quantity of lemon curd; I actually doubled the recipe when I made it, and it still only produced enough to fill the small jar in the picture. Delicious, though!

All in all, I'm really very impressed with the Vegg and will definitely be using it again, although I might have to try some other omelet recipes to see if I can find one that I do like! It's even great for just making up some yolk to dip toast soldiers into, which is wonderful for me as before I was vegan I would just eat the yolk from a boiled chicken's egg and leave the white behind, so not only is using the Vegg great from an animal rights/vegan perspective, it's also much less wasteful for me!


  1. Shame about the omelette. I want to try the Vegg, although that's what I'd be most interested in it for. I do love the idea of making a dipper for toast soldiers though! That's something I definitely miss (especially when I'm sick - that's what my mum would always give me for dinner when I was unwell when I was little - soft boiled eggs and soldiers). The lemon curd sounds amazing too though. I'll have to keep an eye out for the Vegg - it's not super common here yet.

    1. There are a bunch of other omelet recipes using the Vegg that I've not tried yet, so I haven't lost hope so far! The Vegg's not that common here either yet (my nearest shop that sells it is 500 miles or so away in London, but luckily I visit there fairly regularly so I can pick some up when I need it!) The lemon curd is still going and is really tasty - it's definitely going to become a regular recipe around here.

  2. I keep meaning to get myself some of that - I've heard nothing but good things. When I was looking down your dishes, it really surprised me that the thing I went 'must make that first!' was the lemon curd. I definitely need to give that a go!