Friday, 13 September 2013

We need to talk about tacos ...

Have you already heard of the Taco Cleanse? If not, you're missing out!

In summary, for VeganMoFo this year, a group of vegans in Austin, Texas are trying out a new "cleanse" diet for one month, all in the name of science, but rather than just being some kind of liquid/juice-based cleanse, the Taco Cleanse really is what is says on the tin: every meal, every day should contain some form of taco.

In case you need any help understanding how the Taco Cleanse works, Austin-based vegan blogger Lazy Smurf has produced a handy diagram explaining the different levels which participants can aim for, and some of the likely health benefits of doing so:

Credit: Lazy Smurf (

Whilst Edinburgh is not the most taco-friendly of cities, I decided that it would be wrong to allow VeganMoFo 2013 to pass without showing some solidarity with these brave pioneers of taco cleansing, so I made and ate my first ever tacos here at home! I won't post a commentary or recipe for this as it was a bit of an experiment, but in essence it was made with tortillas folded around a spring onion, black bean, TVP, lentil and tomato hot salsa-style filling with jalapeno peppers, homemade guacamole and vegan soya cream. Delicious!

Even just after this single taco-based meal, I can certainly sense that my personal wellbeing has improved dramatically, so I think I will be seeking out the taco goodness more often in the future!

In case you want to learn more, the four blogs taking part in the full, month-long Taco Cleanse this September (all in the name of the pursuit of taco science, of course) are Lazy Smurf's Guide to Life, The Lone Star Plate, Rabbit Food and the Taco Liberation Front. All taco strength to their collective elbows!

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