Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Say (vegan) cheese!

I just thought I would write a quick blog post as I've just got home from visiting some friends and family in the south of England, and whilst I was down in London I went to pick up some vegan cheese at Vx in King's Cross, as there is a much better selection down there than I've been able to find in Scotland so far. As you can probably see from the photo, it is possible I went a little overboard with the vegan cheese buying:

I first tried Violife vegan cheese whilst visiting some amazing friends of mine around six months ago who live in Birmingham, and I have to say that it is the first vegan cheddar-style cheese I've tried that I will happily eat just on its own on an oatcake. It's so good! Seriously, if you can get hold of this cheese, I highly recommend that you do so and be amazed at just how tasty it is.

The Veganic pizza cheese is also one of my favourites, and goes really well either on a pizza or as cheese on toast, or even sprinkled on top of a lasagna or other hot dish. It doesn't taste that great cold, but heated up and melted it is just fantastic! My tip for using it though would be to mix the vegan cheese shreds with a little olive oil before you put it in the oven though, as otherwise it can be a little dry.

Whilst I'm generally pretty healthy when it comes to my food choices, there are always times when I fancy a little vegan junk food every now and again, so I'm definitely looking forward to eating these tasty treats!


  1. Have you made your own plant-based cheese?

    I'm just so anti all these highly processed products, plus they are typically laden with fat.

    Have a look at this recipe - http://bhoneycombe.wordpress.com/2013/06/23/dairy-free-mozzarella-like-cheese-recipe/

    Please share my blog if you think it might be of interest to your followers.

  2. I've never made my own vegan cheese, but it's on the list of things I might like to do one day (along with making my own wine/beer, jam etc!) so thanks for sharing your recipe.

    I appreciate that not everyone likes processed vegan products, and I'm certainly not advocating that people should be eating them frequently, but as someone who mostly eats pretty healthily I personally enjoy them as an occasional snack or treat from time to time.