Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Product Review: Organically Yours Vegan Meats

At the Portobello Village Show on Saturday, I bought some vegan meats from Organically Yours, an Edinburgh-based food company specialising in providing for those on allergen-free diets. I bought one of their 'Better 4 U Vegetarian Burgers' and a packet of 'Happy Pig Vegetarian Spare Ribs'. I would be the first to admit that, in the packets at least, they didn't look too appetising:

Organically Yours Better 4 U Vegetarian Burger
Organically Yours Happy Pig Vegetarian Spare Ribs

I decided to give them a try though, and in fact I thought that they were really very nice! However, I do have one serious peeve with these products, and that is that even though they are advertised as "vegetarian, egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free", and the owner of the company, Julia, assured me that they are vegan, they are not labelled specifically as vegan. I don't really understand why this is, and would love to see her make just one small change to proudly advertise them as a vegan produce, not least as I know that personally I feel much happier and more confident buying something that's openly advertised as vegan, rather than as "vegetarian, egg-free and dairy-free", which is frankly long-winded!

Anyway, on to the reviews:

Organically Yours Better 4 U Vegetarian Burger

I cooked the burger on Monday evening for dinner, just by gently frying it in a little vegetable oil for a few minutes on each side until brown, and serving with some mashed potato and chopped fresh tomatoes drizzed with balsamic vinegar.

 The burger itself had a nice texture and held itself together well when cooked. The flavour was nice with lovely Italian-style seasoning and red onions mixed in and clearly visible in the burger, although the TVP base was quite strongly apparent and it did remind me quite a bit of other veggie burgers I've had, such as those made by Veggies of Nottingham.

As much as I did enjoy eating it, however, at £2 for a single burger I don't think I'll be buying too many of them! However, if they were available at a cheaper price to buy in larger quantities I would consider getting a few in and maybe freezing them, as I do like to support local, ethical small businesses where possible.

Organically Yours Happy Pig Vegetarian Spare Ribs

When I first bought these, I was so excited right up until the point when I got home, was thinking about cooking them, and suddenly realised that I had absolutely no idea what to do with them!

After some internet research, I concluded that they should probably be cooked in an oven for around 20 minutes or so, and probably basted in some kind of barbeque sauce. I didn't have any barbeque sauce to hand, so I decided to just cook them and see what they were like. Sadly for food porn lovers, they didn't look much more attractive cooked than they had done beforehand!

Luckily, they tasted a lot better than they looked, with a really excellent chewy texture. As I didn't have any barbeque sauce, I added a little vegan worcester sauce to them to counteract the slight driness which resulted from them being cooked without any basting, and I actually really liked them.

Unfortunately, the price was pretty high again, at £2.50 for the four pieces shown in the photo, and I don't think I would buy them very often as a result unless I could get them somewhat cheaper. However, as a new vegan product goes, I was really impressed with the quality of these and look forward to keeping an eye on what the company plans to do next.


  1. Hi Imogen! Julia Leyden here from Organically Yours. The reason not to scream from the hill tops that these are vegan products is that others, who are not as enlightened as Vegans, run for the hills from these products once marked or marketed like that...they do so without every giving them a chance. Secondly the Better 4 U Burger and the Happy Pig Spare
    Ribz are both already cooked. You are merely re-heating them. For best results with the burger it can be done in a fry pan or grill and it will hold up and stay together as the binder is flaxseed, which has the added bonus of being good for you. The ribz come vacuum packed and can be placed in boiling water for about 3 to 5 minutes until they are heated through; this way the stay moist and chewy.
    I am so glad to have met you and hope to see you again soon. Organically Yours is looking for premises to expand and be able to produce in larger quantities and therefore pass saving on to our customers.
    For now though you can order direct at 0788 383 6788, we are local in Portobello and will deliver to Edinburgh.

    1. Thanks or the reply Julia, that's really useful to know :) I wish you all the best with your expansion and hope to see you around again soon.