Thursday, 5 September 2013

Lunch at Vegana Chacara, Rio de Janeiro

Today was my last day in Brazil before I head back home to the UK. In preparation for going back, we had some real Scottish-style weather here in Rio de Janeiro, so I was very happy that I managed to get up the Corcovado yesterday rather than waiting until today!

After yesterday's visit to Vegan Vegan, I had already eaten at two of the three vegan restaurants in Botafogo, so it seemed clear to me that the obvious choice for lunch today was to go to the last one, Vegana Chacara. I didn't realise until I got there that they are sister restaurants with very similar and health-conscious menus, so I'm afraid today's post will be a little similar to yesterday's! However, it was a great lunch and, if anything, I preferred Vegana Chacara to Vegan Vegan.

To start, I had a vegetable soup, which was basic but very flavoursome. The portion was a little on the small side for me, but as the prices here were somewhat cheaper than Vegan Vegan, I didn't mind too much.

Out of a choice of two dishes, I went for the main plate, which was a pancake stuffed with pesto and vegan cheese, red bean stew, rice and wilted green vegetables. It was so good! I've eaten a lot of very good food in Brazil, but I think this was possibly the best meal I've had. I also had a drink of 'chlorophylled lemonade' [limonada clorofilada]. I'm still not entirely sure what that is (although a certain TV celebrity not known for her scientific accuracy does spring to mind) but it was very green and did taste nice.

Finally, to finish I had a piece of banana tart, which was pretty tasty too.

I really liked Vegan Chacara for a number of reasons. As I've already said, the food is good. The ambience is wonderful, really peaceful and tranquil, with tables under cover in a beautiful garden full of plants. The staff really went out of their way to be helpful and were very friendly. Finally, the payment is voluntary. After such a good meal, of course I paid the full amount along with a good tip for the staff, but it's a nice gesture. Highly recommended!

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