Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Lunch at Vegan Vegan, Rio de Janeiro

I've got to Rio de Janeiro safe and sound, where I'm staying with a really lovely family and their two beautiful cats that I met through couchsurfing, which is one of my favourite ways to travel and get to know a city. Carol, her husband Nando and their two children live in a neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro called Botafogo, which is particularly handy for me as there just so happen to be three vegan restaurants in the area. I felt sure that I was going to get along with them from the moment I spotted this stuck to their fridge:

Oh, and it's also quite convenient for going to visit this statue that's apparently pretty famous around here, so I took some time this morning to take the tram up the side of the mountain to go see it.

Anyway, keeping on track with the whole blogging about vegan food thing: I already ate a meal at one of the three vegan restaurants here in Botafogo whilst I was staying in Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of my trip in July, Refeit├│rio Org├ónico, and wrote a bit about it in an earlier post. However, the place I'll be writing about today, Vegan Vegan, is a very different kind of restaurant, and I liked it a lot, so I hope that you will enjoy seeing the photos almost as much as I enjoyed eating them there.

To start, I had a bowl of creamy onion soup made with oats and vegetables, which was very tasty, although rather too healthy and wholesome for me (I like my starters deep fried and with some kind of dipping sauce if possible). However, the alternative was salad, so I bit the bullet and found it was actually pretty good.

Next came the main course, which was absolutely beautifully laid out (and quite huge) of chickpea roulade stuffed with broccoli and almond sauce, cream of vegetables, thinly sliced palm hearts with tofu sauce, and aromatic brown rice. It was so delicious and filling, especially the chickpea roulade! However, once again it did feel like it was really working hard to be a very healthy option.

Thankfully, I was saved by dessert: a really rich and creamy chocolate mousse with sweet avocado mixed in. So amazingly good! It's a wonder that I managed to wait long enough to take a photo before I started eating it really.

To top it off, the staff were lovely and friendly, the restaurant itself was beautifully decorated inside, very calm and peaceful, and from where I was sitting it was possible to see the top of the Corcovado and the statue of Cristo Redentor. If you go to Rio, I seriously recommend that you give this place a try.

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  1. wowee! you are so adventurous! off in Rio on your own! Couchsurfing is nice because you get to meet people who live there. I have definitely found that veg restaurants in other countries lean HEAVILY to the healthy side, I wonder why that is? Thank god for Chocolate Mousse!